K.II.2 Jan Jans Kraijer. Born Ureterp ca 1753, baptised Groningen 2.02.1802 (age 49), died there 16.10.1826, son of K.I Jan Jans and Fockien Jans. Married (2) Groningen 31.08.1817 with Trijntje Michiels, born Groningen ca 1769, died there 28.03.1825, widow of Jene Alberts Kuiper and daughter of Michiel Classens and Aaltje Arends. Married (1) Groningen 17.02.1784 with:

Antje Harms. Baptised Drachten 28.12.1755, died Groningen 25.01.1815, daughter of Harmen Reinders and Janke Immes.
  1. Jantje Jans Kraijer. Baptised Groningen 6.01.1786. Married with Harm Jacobs Waterborg.
  2. Jan Jans Kraijer. See K.III.4. Born ca 1787.
  3. Harm Jans Kraijer. See K.III.5. Baptised Groningen 4.05.1790.
  4. Janke Jans Kraijer. Baptised Groningen 13.10.1792. Married Groningen 17.04.1823 with Jan Annes de Vries, born ca 1774, widower of Annchien Pieters Riga and son of Anne Wijtzes and Antje Harkes.
  5. Reinder Jans Kraijer. See K.III.6. Baptised Groningen 24.04.1795.

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