K.III.4 Jan Jans Kraijer. Born ca 1787 son of K.II.2 Jan Jans Kraijer and Antje Harms. Married with:
IJfke Hindriks de Vries.
  1. Jan Jans Kraijer. Born Groningen 29.09.1816. Married there 11.07.1841 with Katharine Elsabein Brinkmann, born Lengerich ca 1809, daughter of Hermann Brinkmann and Anna Elisabeth Fruente.
  2. Hindrik Kraijer. Born Groningen 8.03.1819. Married there 22.12.1840 with Meggelina Johanna Ates, born there ca 1813, daughter of Hindrik Ates and Johanna Meggelina Wolters.
  3. Jetske Jans Kraijer. Born Groningen 1.10.1821, died there 26.08.1823.
  4. Harmke Kraijer. Born Groningen 30.07.1824.
  5. Antje Kraijer. Born Groningen 5.03.1830, died there 8.04.1830.

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