R.II.1. Jelte Popkes. Farmer on Retsemaheerd in Hornhuizen. Born ca 1690. Died before 1747. He was probably son of R.I.1 Popke Jeltes He was married with Lijsabeth Tjapkes who was possibly the one baptised Winsum 1.01.1685, daughter of Tiapke Wierts and Anje Pieters.
Children (note: order of first few unknown):
  1. Anje Jeltes. Married Hornhuizen 18.04.1740 with Aldert Riepkes Boikema.
  2. Jan Jeltes. See R.III.1. Married (1) Hornhuizen 8.01.1744 with Renje Pijtters. Married (2) Hornhuizen 8.06.1755 with Jantje Luijes.
  3. Harm Jeltes. See R.III.2. Married (1) Hornhuizen 12.04.1751 with Claaske Arijens. Married (2) Hornhuizen 2.05.1784 with Ebelje Jacobs.
  4. Pieter Jeltes. Baptised Hornhuizen 2.05.1722.
  5. Pieter Jeltes. See R.III.3. Baptised Hornhuizen 10.02.1726. Married (1) Hornhuizen 3.04.1747 with Bouwke Tjeerds. Married (2) Hornhuizen 13.04.1783 with Trijntje Harms.
  6. Henderkjen Jeltes. Baptised Hornhuizen 4.01.1728.

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