R.II.3. Lubge Popkes. Possibly a daughter of R.I. Popke Jeltes. This supposition is based on the fact that she was from Hornhuizen at the time of her marriage, and Popke Jeltes was the only Popke in the 1721 lidmaten list. Married Hornhuizen 2.11.1727 with Lammert Heres, baptised Saaxumhuizen 5.05.1701, son of Here Drews and Anje Alles.
Children (amoung others?):
  1. Heere Lammerts. Baptised Saaxumhuizen 3.06.1736.
  2. Popke Lammerts. Baptised Westernieland 16.3.1738.
  3. Trijnje Lammerts. Baptised Westernieland 15.10.1742.
  4. Popke Lammerts. Farmer on Westerhuis in Usquert. According to Ommerlanden Geslachten, born Saaxumhuizen 1.05.1746. Died Usquert 01.1809. Was married with Anje Berents, daughter of Berent Pieters and Elijsabeth Sierts. Their children take the surname Westerhuis.

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