R.III.1 Jan Jeltes. Born Hornhuizen before 1721, son of R.II.1 Jelte Popkes and Lijsbeth Tjapkes. Died before 1769. Married (1) Hornhuizen 8.01.1744 with Renje Pijtters, born before 1721, daughter of Peter Remts and Trijntje Alberts. Married (2) Hornhuizen 8.06.1755 with Jantje Luijes (name given as Jantje Derks in the marriage record), baptised Hornhuizen 5.12.1734, died before 1769, daughter of Luije Derks and Aafke Gabriels.
    By Renje Pijtters:
  1. Lijsabeth Jans. See R.IV.1. Baptised Hornhuizen 12.09.1745. Married with Cornelis Jans Oudman.
  2. Pijtter Jans (Leima). See R.IV.2. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.12.1747. Married Hornhuizen 02.1773 with Trijntjen Remts.
  3. Jelte Jans Ritsema. See R.IV.3. Baptised Hornhuizen 11.05.1750. Died Oldenzijl 2.03.1821. Married Eppenhuizen 26.10.1777 with Homke Jacobs.
  4. Trijntje Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.02.1752.
    By Jantje Luijes:
  1. Luije Jans Ritsema. See R.IV.4 Baptised Hornhuizen 25.09.1756. Married Uithuizen 10.04.1783 with Anje Jans.
  2. Aafke Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 3.06.1759. Married Leens 7.11.1778 with Jan Sijmens.
  3. Popke Jans Ritsema. See R.IV.5 Baptised Hornhuizen 26.12.1761. Married (1) Eenum 23.01.1785 with Aafke Wessels. Married (2) Eenum 17.05.1798 with Anje Pieters Steenhuis.

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