R.IV.1 Lijsabeth Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.09.1745, daughter of R.III.1. Jan Jeltes and Renje Pijtters. Married Hornhuizen 4.11.1764 with Cornelis Jans Oudman, died 29.01.1814, son of Jan Cornelis and Anje Jans.
  1. Anje Cornelis. Baptised Hornhuizen 3.11.1765.
  2. Jan Cornelis. Born/baptised Pieterburen 12/15.02.1767.
  3. Renje Cornelis Oudman. Born/baptised Pieterburen 14/19.08.1770. Married Pieterburen 14.08.1796 with Jan Klasens van Ikema, son of Claas Jans and Stijnje Jans.
  4. Anje Cornelis. Born/baptised Pieterburen 8/18.04.1773.
  5. Pieter Cornelis. Baptised Pieterburen 17.01.1779.
  6. Trijntje Cornelis. Baptised Pieterburen 20.01.1782.

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