R.IV.2 Pijtter Jans (Leima). Baptised Hornhuizen 25.12.1747, son of R.III.1. Jan Jeltes and Renje Pijtters. Married Hornhuizen 02.1773 (hc 24.02) with Trijntje Remts (his cousin), daughter of Remt Pieters and Neeltje Isebrants.
  1. Jan Pieters Leima. Baptised Hornhuizen 26.12.1773, died there 2.05.1855. Married Hornhuizen 5.05.1809 with Antje Writsers Beukema, daughter of Writser Jans Boijkema and Aefke Gabriels.
  2. Renje. Baptised Hornhuizen 26.03.1775.
  3. Remt. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.08.1776.
  4. Remt. Baptised Hornhuizen 20.03.1778.
  5. Neeltje Pieters Leima. Baptised Hornhuizen 29.07.1781, died den Andel 27.06.1856. Married (1) with Rijpke Garmts Zuidema, baptised Hornhuizen 15.05.1776, son of Garmt Klaasen and Aaltjen Hindriks. Married (2) with Freerk Rijpkes Beukema, baptised Hornhuizen 5.05.1782, son of Rijpke Alderts Boijkema and Grietje Freerks.

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