R.IV.3 Jelte Jans Ritsema. Baptised Hornhuizen 11.05.1750, son of R.III.1. Jan Jeltes and Renje Pijtters. Died Oldenzijl 2.03.1821. Married Eppenhuizen 26.10.1777 with
Homke Jacobs, born/baptised Stedum 10/13.04.1760, died Oldenzijl 8.11.1826, daughter of Jacob Heres and Martje Koerts.
  1. Martjen. Baptised Oldenzijl 17.09.1780.
  2. Rienje Jeltes Ritsema. Baptised Oldenzijl 2.11.1783. Died Zuidhorn 30.08.1827. Married Zuidhorn 18.05.1814 with Jannnes Jans Noordveld.
  3. Jan Jeltes Ritsema. See R.V.1 Born 17.06.1787. Baptised Oldenzijl 24.06.1787. Died Uithuizen 30.11.1868. Married Uithuizermeeden 27.06.1826 with Fenje Klaassens Jukkema.
  4. Jacob Heres. Born/baptised Oldenzijl 19/2302.1794.
  5. Jacob Jeltes Ritsema. See R.V.2 Born 22.09.1795. Baptised Oldenzijl 27.09.1795. Died Appingedam 3.03.1871. Married (1) 't Zandt 30.12.1815 with Eltje Freerks Bonthuis. Married (2) Uithuizermeeden 11.03.1824 with Jantje Jochems van IJzeren.

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