R.IV.4 Luije Jans Ritsema. Farmer in Eenum. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.09.1756, buried Eenum 16.08.1799, son of R.III.1. Jan Jeltes and Jantje Luijes. Married Uithuizen 10.04.1783 with Anje Jans, buried Eenum 11.04.1804.
  1. Jantje. Baptised Eenum 21.03.1784.
  2. Janneke Luijes Ritsema. Baptised Eenum 5.06.1786. Died Stedum 16.06.1835. Married Eenum 11.05.1806 with Jan Ebes Bierma.
  3. Jantje Luijes Ritsema. Born Eenum 24.03.1790. Died Loppersum 18.09.1851. Married Hendrik Bartelds Wolthuis, born Schilwolde 1787, died Loppersum 21.05.1847, son of Barteld Hendriks and Sijtske Jans.
  4. Anje Luijes Ritsema. Born Eenum 4.01.1793. Died Uithuizermeeden 25.05.1856. Married (1) Uithuizermeeden 25.11.1815 Jacob Senses Wolthuis, who died there 30.01.1819. Married (2) Uithuizermeeden 1.04.1820 with Arent Simons Winter born Uithuizermeeden 24.01.1796, son of Simon Arents Winter and Anje Jeltes.
  5. Janna Luijes Ritsema. Born Eenum 4.01.1793. Died Uithuizermeeden 10.04.1824. Married Uithuizermeeden 9.08.1812 with Hendrik Balsters Stuivinga, born Uithuizermeeden 23.03.1785, son of Balster Hendriks Stuivinga and Antje Hekes Bakker.
  6. Aafke Luijes Ritsema. Born Eenum 25.12.1796. Died Kantens 28.02.1832. Married Loppersum 8.10.1813 with Jan Alderts Bottema, baptised there 15.10.1786, died Uithuizen 19.10.1851, son of Wrister Jans Bottema and Jantjen Jans.

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