R.IV.5 Popke Jans Ritsema. Baptised Hornhuizen 26.12.1761, son of R.III.1. Jan Jeltes and Jantje Luijes. Died Eenum 7.06.1806 and buried there 11.06.1806. Married (1) Eenum 23.01.1785 with Aafke Wessels, daughter of Wessel Eltjes and Anje Geerts and widow of Rikkert Hindriks. Married (2) Eenum 17.05.1798 with Anje Pieters Steenhuis, baptised Westeremden 24.10.1762, died Leermens 24.06.1826, daughter of Peter Sikkes and Nanje Heertjes. She remarried Leermens 28.06.1807 with Jacob Arents Willems Bos.
    By Aafke Wessels:
  1. Unbaptised child. Died Eenum 28.02.1786.
  2. Anje Popkes Ritsema. See R.V.3. Born/baptised Eenum 29.11/14.12.1788. Married Eenum 9.11.1806 with Pieter Jans Ritsema.
  3. Jantje. Baptised Eenum 2.12.1791.
    By Anje Pieters Steenhuis:
  1. Jan Popkes Ritsema. See R.V.4. Born Eenum 2.03.1799. Died Appingedam 25.04.1887. Married 't Zandt 17.08.1818 with Harmina Sieuwkes de Boer.
  2. Klaas Popkes. Baptised Eenum 12.02.1802.

Rikkert Hindriks. Son of Hindrik Rikkerts and Willemtje Pieters. Married Eenum 11.08.1778 with:
Aafke Wessels. Daughter of Wessel Eltjes and Anje Geerts. Married (1) with Popke Jans.
  1. Hindrik Rikkerts. Baptised Eenum 16.04.1780.
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