R.IV.6 Lijsabeth Harms. Baptised Hornhuizen 30.06.1754, daughter of R.III.2. Harm Jeltes and Claaske Arijens. Married Hornhuizen 1773 (hc 7.10) with

Jan Lubberts, son of Lubbert Jacobs and IJtjen Jans. Jan Lubberts remarries Hornhuizen 27.04.1783 (hc 15.04) with Jantje Olchers.
  1. Harmen Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 4.02.1776.
  2. Itje Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 24.08.1777.
  3. Harmen Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 17.01.1779.
  4. Lubbert Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 24.12.1780. Married Hornhuizen 25.10.1801 with Grietje Andries.

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