R.IV.9 Anje Pieters. Baptised Hornhuizen 14.10.1759, daughter of R.III.3. Peter Jeltes and Bouke Tjeerds.
Married Hornhuizen 28.04.1782 with

Wibbe Meertens, baptised there 28.09.1760, son of Meerten Fransens and Grietje Wibbes.
  1. Baauwke. Baptised Kloosterburen 28.01.1787.
  2. Grietje Wibbes Bouwman. Baptised Hornhuizen 21.05.1789. Married with Johann Friederrich Niemeijer.
  3. Martje. Baptised Hornhuizen 4.12.1791.
  4. Pieter. Baptised Hornhuizen 9.12.1799.

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