R.IV.10 Jelte Pieters Bulthuis. Baptised Hornhuizen 9.06.1762, died Ulrum 29.12.1821, son of R.III.3. Peter Jeltes and Bouke Tjeerds.
Married Hornhuizen 23.10.1785 with

Geertruida Wibbes, died Ulrum 29.08.1823, daughter of Wibbe Sigers and Jeike Jans (Cornelis?).
  1. Pieter Jeltes Bulthuis. See R.V.5. Baptised Hornhuizen 29.01.1786, died there 13.12.1838. Married there 6.02.1814 with Swaantje Douwes Wieringa.
  2. Jaeike. Born Schouwerzijl, baptised Warfhuizen 2.12.1787.
  3. Bauke. Baptised Warfhuizen 21.06.1789.
  4. Sijger Jeltes Bulthuis. See R.V.6. Baptised Warfhuizen 11.03.1792. Married Leens 18.09.1834 with Grietje Lammerts Ellens.
  5. Bouke. Baptised Hornhuizen 13.07.1794.
  6. Louke. Baptised Hornhuizen 20.11.1796.
  7. Jantje. Baptised Hornhuizen 11.11.1798.
  8. Jan Jeltes Bulthuis. See R.V.7. Baptised Hornhuizen 9.11.1800. Married Oldehove 1.10.1825 with Eenje Jans Noorda.
  9. Remke. Baptised Hornhuizen 22.04.1804.

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