R.V.1 Jan Jeltes Ritsema. Born/baptised Oldenzijl 17/24.06.1787, died Uithuizen 30.11.1868, son of R.IV.3. Jelte Jans Ritsema and Homke Jacobs. Married Uithuizermeeden 27.06.1826 with:
Fenje Klaassens Jukkema, born 't Zandt 12.09.1802, daughter of Klaas Fokkes Jukkema and Anje Hendriks.
  1. Hommina Jans Retsema. Born Oldenzijl 25.12.1826.
  2. Anje Jans Retsema. Born Oldenzijl 2.01.1829, died there 20.01.1829.
  3. Klaas Jans Retsema. See R.VI.1. Born Oldenzijl 6.10.1830. Married with Antje Garmts Bouwman.
  4. Jelte Jans Retsema. See R.VI.2. Born Oldenzijl 4.11.1832. Married Uithuizen 17.05.1871 with Alstje Scholtens.
  5. Anje Jans Retsema. Born Oldenzijl 3.03.1836. Died Zeerijp 17.06.1837.
  6. Anje Jans Retsemav. Born Uithuizen 10.12.1840. Married Uithuizen 15.04.1863 with Derk Ite Oosterheerd.
  7. Reinje Jans Retsema. Born Uithuizen 7.12.1842. Married Uithuizen 17.05.1871 with Roelf Garmts Bouwman.

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