R.V.2 Jacob Jeltes Ritsema. Born/baptised Oldenzijl 22/27.09.1795, died Appingedam 3.03.1871, son of R.IV.3. Jelte Jans Ritsema and Homke Jacobs Married (1) 't Zandt with Eltje Freerks Bonthuis, born 't Zandt 6.04.1794, died Oldenzijl 15.05.1823, daughter of Freerk Sijbrands and Harmke Hindriks. Married (2) Jantje Jochems van IJzeren, born Appingedam 28.01.1795, widow of Tamme Willems Bos and daughter of Jochum Jans van IJzeren and Feijke Jans Boge.
  1. Hommina Jacobs Ritsema. Born 't Zandt 18.02.1816. Died there 8.03.1816.
  2. Hommina Jacobs Ritsema. Born Oldenzijl 1817. Died Appingedam 20.07.1837. Married Delfzijl 2.11.1836 with Boele Houwezijl.
  3. Harmke Jacobs Retzema. Born Oldenzijl 1819. Died there 7.10.1822.
  4. Jelte Jacobs Retzema. See R.VI.3. Born Oldenzijl 29.01.1822. Died Hoogezand. Married Appingedam 21.04.1849 with Martha Alberts Fokkens.

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