R.V.3 Anje Popkes Ritsema. Born/baptised Eenum 29.11/14.12.1788, died Uithuizermeeden 19.03.1837, daughter of R.IV.5. Popke Jans and Aafke Wessels. Married (1) Eenum 9.11.1806 with Pieter Jans Ritsema, born Uithuizen 13.10.1774, died Uithuizermeeden 14.05.1823, son of Jan Pieters and Anje Lammerts. Married (2) 1826 with Klaas Derks Knol.
  1. Anje Pieters Ritsema. Born Uithuizen 4.04.1808. Died there 26.10.1860. Married Uithuizermeeden 19.05.1828 with Melle Martens Nieveen, born 't Zandt 7.07.1793, son of Marten Melles Nieveen and Aaltje Pieters Kremer.
  2. Aafke Pieters Ritsema. Born Uithuizermeeden 1811. Died there 25-08.1826.
  3. Jan Pieters Ritsema. Born Uithuizermeeden 15.03.1814. Died there 17.03.1814.
  4. Janna Pieters Ritsema. Born Uithuizermeeden 19.09.1818. Married Uithuizermeeden 19.12.1834 with Hendrik Olcherts Clevering, born Rottum 13.01.1817, son of Olchert Rikkert Clevering and Gepke Hendrik Eles.

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