R.V.4 Jan Popkes Ritsema. Born/baptised Eenum 2/10.03.1799, son of R.IV.5. Popke Jans and Anje Pieters Steenhuis. Died Appingedam 25.04.1887. Married 't Zandt 17.08.1818 with

Harmina Sieuwkes de Boer, born Oosterwijtwerd 20.09.1795, died Appingedam 28.03.1873, daughter of Sieuwke Tiddes de Boer and Martje Harms.
  1. Anje Jans Ritsema. Born Leermens 25.11.1818. Married Appingedam 20.10.1837 with Aaldert Gerrits Post Bottema.
  2. Sieuwke Jans Ritsema. See R.VI.4. Born Hellum 16.10.1821. Died Appingedam 25.02.1870. Married (1) Appingedam 30.05.1851 with Anje Tjarks de Boer. Married (2) Appingedam 20.07.1865 with Harmke Bolmeijer.
  3. Martje Jans Ritsema. Born Hellum 12.04.1824. Died Appingedam 9.08.1879. Married Appingedam 4.07.1845 with Tjakko Sibens Everts.
  4. Popkedina Jans Ritsema. Born Appingedam 17.12.1828. Married Appingedam 16.06.1853 with Jan Ennes Brilman.
  5. Harmina Jans Ritsema. Born Appingedam 30.05.1832. Married Appingedam 16.04.1857 with Marinus Kuipers.
  6. Jacob Jans Ritsema. Fisher. Born Appingedam 8.06.1835. Died Appingedam 13.02.1920. Never married.
  7. Johanna Jans Ritsema. Born Appingedam 4.10.1840. Died Leens 18.10.1915. Married Appingedam 9.12.1861 with Lammert Simons Rietema.

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