R.VI.2 Jelte Jans Retsema. Born Oldenzijl 4.11.1832, son of R.V.1. Jan Jeltes Ritsema and Fenje Klaasens Jukkema, died Muskegon, Michigan 20.07.1924. Married Uithuizen 17.05.1871 with:
Altsje Scholtens, born Uithuizen 19.04.1846, daughter of Hendrik Ties Scholtens and Wibbechien Jannes Rijpma, died Muskegon, Michigan 23.04.1917. The family emigrated to the United States in 1886.
  1. Fenna (Fannie) Retsema. Born Uithuizen 17.12.1872, died Muskegon, Michigan 03.1893.
  2. Wibbiena (Bina) Retsema. Born Uithuizen 20.06.1874, died Muskegon, Michigan 2.07.1929.
  3. Jan (John) Retsema. Born Uithuizen 21.06.1876, died Muskegon, Michigan 24.03.1964.
  4. Hendrik Retsema. Born Uithuizen 1.01.1878, died there 30.11.1878.
  5. Hendrik (Henry) Retsema. Born Uithuizen 19.09.1879, died 10.01.1943.
  6. Trientje (Kate) Retsema. Born Uithuizen 9.05.1881, died Muskegon, Michigan 31.05.1954.
  7. Klaazina (Clara) Retsema. Born Uithuizen 22.10.1883, died 18.01.1966.

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