This Ritsema family originates in Hornhuizen, Groningen. The earliest generations were farmers on the farm called Retsemaheerd. It appears that this family takes their name from this farm. You will find the name spelled Ritsema, Retsema, Retzema.

In this genealogy are descendents of Popke Jeltes. Some take the name Ritsema, but others take the names Leima and Bulthuis.

There are other Ritzema families in Groningen, but I don't believe that there is any relationship between them and this one.

Note: In the following genealogy I have included some related families. The ones that are part of the genealogy proper will be numbered in the form R.IV.3 (which means fourth generation, third family).

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Overview of Ritsema Family

Popke Jeltes Jelte Popkes Jan Jeltes Lijsbeth Jans
Pijtter Jans (Leima)
Jelte Jans Ritsema Jan Jeltes Ritsema
Jacob Jeltes Ritsema
Luije Jans Ritsema
Popke Jans Anje Popkes Ritsema
Jan Popkes Ritsema
Harm Jeltes Lijsabeth Harms
Pieter Jeltes Lijsebeth Pieters
Remke Pieters
Anje Pieters
Jelte Pieters Bulthuis Pieter Jeltes Bulthuis
Sieger Jeltes Bulthuis
Jan Jeltes Bulthuis
Jan Pieters
Anje Popkes
Lubge Popkes

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Last updated 4 November 2001.