W.II Harm Jacobs. Baptised Thesinge 18.07.1723, son of W.I Jacob Jans (Sonderman) and Anneke Harms. Married Warffum 17.11.1754 with:
Antje Freerks. Born and baptised Zevenhuizen 14.11.1723, daughter of Frederik Geerts and Fenje Berents.
  1. Freerk Harms. Baptised Leek 12.10.1755.
  2. Jacob Harms. See W.III.1 Baptised Leek 17.06.1759.
  3. Geert Harms. Baptised Leek 30.05.1762.
  4. Annegien Harms. See W.III.2 Baptised Leek 4.08.1765. Married Midwolde 15.03.1789 with Lucas Jans Ploeg.

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