W.III.1 Jacob Harms. Shipper. Baptised Leek 17.06.1759, son of W.II Harm Jacobs and Antje Freerks. Died there 21.05.1810. Married ca 1784 with:
Sjoukje Jannes. Baptised Leek 8.08.1762, daughter of Jannes Jans and Hindrikje Riemers.
On 21.04.1785 Jacob Harms and Sjoukje Jannes purchase a "Tassche Schuite" from Margien Gerrits, widow of Derk Claassen Schuiring, for f 775.
  1. Harm Jacobs Waterborg. See W.IV.1 Baptised Leek 5.12.1784.
  2. Jannes Jacobs Waterborg. See W.IV.2 Baptised Leek 31.12.1786.
  3. Freerk Jacobs Waterborg. See W.IV.3 Baptised Leek 19.06.1791.
  4. Hindrik Jacobs. Baptised Leek 02.1796.

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