W.IV.2 Jannes Jacobs Waterberg. Born/baptised Leek 22/31.12.1786, died there 28.11.1865, son of W.III.1 Jacob Harms and Sjoukje Jannes. (Note: at the marriage, his name was just given as Jannes Jacobs (no Waterberg).) Married Leek 12.06.1813 with:
Gesien Lammerts Casimier. Baptised Groningen 11.03.1789, died Leek 6.06.1828, daughter of Lammert Berents Casimier and Grietje Johannes Butter.
  1. Sjoukje Jannes Waterberg. Born Leek 1.03.1814, died Groningen 24.03.1892. Married (1) Leek 26.01.1840 with Adolph Louis Kuick, borstelmaker, born Groningen ca 1806, died there 4.05.1849, son of Ruirt Hindrik Kuik and Odelia Schreuder. Married (2) Groningen 9.11.1854 with Johannes Wessels, tuinman, koopman, born Groningen 23.07.1817, died there 25.07.1864, son of Jan Wessels and Maria Wolters. Married (3) Groningen 14.11.1868 with Jannes Landweer, baptised there 4.11.1807, died Middenweg, gemeente Veendam 31.03.1897, son of Geert Landweer and Jisseltje Greben and widower of Wimke Hillebrands.
  2. Grietje Jannes Waterberg. Died Tietjerksteradeel, Friesland 9.01.1885. Married (1) Grootegast 20.09.1841 with Jacobus van Wering. Married (2) Grootegast 13.07.1867 with Pieter Kornelis Radema, born Burum, Friesland 9.02.1813, son of Kornelis Valks Radema and Wiske Pieters (Tjitske Pieters?).
  3. Jacoba Jannes Waterberg. Died Leek 12.05.1875.
  4. Lamberta Jannes Waterberg. Born Leek 4.04.1820, died there 4.02.1851, unmarried.
  5. Jacob Jannes Waterberg. Born Leek 15.08.1822, died 19.12.1896. Married with Anje Hoekinga, born Middelstum 20.12.1817.
  6. Lambert Jannes Waterberg. Born Leek 11.11.1825, died Leutingewolde, Drenthe 27.07.1901, unmarried.
  7. Harm Jannes Waterberg. Died Leek 3.07.1828.

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