W.V.1 Jacob Harms Waterborg. Born/baptised Groningen 17/21.04.1811, son of W.IV.1 Harm Jacobs Waterborg and Jantje Jans Kraijer. Died (shipwreck) 25.07.1858. Married Delfzijl 23.02.1843 with:
Fokje Tjarks de Boer. Born Uitwierde 9.12.1818, daughter of Tjark Fokkes de Boer and Grietje Pieters Kuiper. Died Groningen 10.07.1890. Married (2) with Take Luijtens van Sluis (a second cousin of Jacob Harms Waterborg), son of Luitje Takes van Sluis and Adriaantje Imes van der Woude.
  1. Jantje Jacobs Waterborg. Born Groningen 10.12.1843? Married 9.01.1862 with Roelof Alberts, born Groningen 9.08.1824, son of Albert Roelfs Alberts and Anna Berends de Jonge.
  2. Grietje Jacobs Waterborg. Born Groningen 5.01.1846, died there 30.12.1861.
  3. Harmina Tjarkina Waterborg. Born Groningen 2.06.1848, Married Groningen 4.02.1869 with Pieter de Groot, born Lemmer 21.02.1843, son of Willem Geerts de Groot and Martina Pieters Wieringa.
  4. Harm Jacobs Waterborg. Born Groningen 4.05.1850. Married with Harmina Ritsema, daughter of Sieuwke Jans Ritsema and Anje Tjarks de Boer.
  5. Martha Jacobs Waterborg. Born Groningen 21.03.1857, died there 16.01.1862.

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