This Waterborg family has its roots in Leek, Groningen. While the earliest forefather found was a weaver, later generations were involved in shipping.

I am not sure exactly when the family took the name Waterborg. I have found several acts in civil registration dated after 1811 where the name is not used. You will also find the name spelled Waterberg.

There is another Waterborg family in Groningen with origins in Leer, Oostfriesland, but I have not found any relationship between them and this one.

Note: In the following genealogy I have included some related families. The ones that are part of the genealogy proper will be numbered in the form W.IV.3 (which means fourth generation, third family).

If you have any comments, additions, connections, or corrections, please e-mail me at: janv@kwantlen.bc.ca

Overview of Waterborg Family

Jacob Jans
Harm Jacobs Jacob Harms Harm Jacobs Waterborg Jacob Harms Waterborg
Reinder Harms Waterborg
Johannes Harms Waterborg
Harm Harms Waterborg
Frederik Harms Waterborg
Jannes Jacobs Waterberg
Freerk Jacobs Waterberg Jacob Freerks Waterberg
Gerlof Freerks Waterberg
Annegje Harms

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Last updated 11 July 1999.