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Hi, welcome to Vincent Lee's Home Page. This is a web site that I started many years ago when I was an electrical engineering student at the University of Alberta.

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Welcome once again to Vincent's Home Page, coming to you from Edmonton, Alberta,Canada!
Feel free to look around & please give me suggestions on how I can improve. :-)

Do you know that Edmonton is also known as...

By many other names, this is still good old Edmonton!

Metro Edmonton is fifth highest of Canada's metropolitan areas with 862,597 people. Metro Calgary is sixth at 821,628. [1997 data]

Population of Canada by Census Year:
1871 - 3,689,257
1971 - 21,568,310
1981 - 24,343,180
1986 - 25,309,330
1991 - 27,296,855
1996 - [still working on it...]

Even though Edmonton is only the fifth largest city in Canada but we've the biggest mall on Earth -- West Edmonton Mall and the largest River Valley system in Canada!
Edmonton's River Valley Park system is the largest urban park in North America. The valley covers more than 7,400 hectares of land. It's 12 times larger than the New York City's Central Park. There are 112 km of trails in the system, 45 km of which are paved.
I have some more links to places in and around Edmonton. ^_^

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Readings in Chinese

Chinese newspapers from Hong Kong and abroad:-

More readings in Chinese

Chinese newspapers and magazines from HKExtra:-

Chinese pages:-

Chinese magazines from Hong Kong and abroad:-

... photo courtesy of CNN

Some Hong Kong / China related websites:

and much, much more about Hong Kong ...

Radio station

Newspaper & Magazine

[The Edmonton Journal]


Television Stations and TV Shows

[CFRN Edmonton (CTV Canada)] [ITV Edmonton] [A-Channel Edmonton]

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Good friends of mine

University of Alberta and Edmonton ...

Other parts of the world...

Friends I made over the Internet...

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Special thanks to Anthony Fok for helping me getting started on this Home Page and his continuous support on improving my HTML writing style. Thank you very much, Anthony!

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Schools I went to:

More Wah Yan links:

Looking for a long lost friend?

Top US Graduate Schools

America's Best Engineering Schools offering Electrical / Electronic program as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, 1997:
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  4. University of California, Berkeley
  5. University of Michigan College of Engineering

*Information about the owner of this Home Page*

Vincent Wing Shan Lee
ICQ: 6961634

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