Welcome to the official website of the Walrus hockey club.

Based in Calgary, our team is part of Hockey North America, Pilsner division.

After a great playoff run to finish the 2008/2009 season, we were defeated in the division final.

During the off season the team under went some significant roster changes with the retirement of the future hall of famer Mark "Redlight" Doerksen. Also gone are veteran winger Mark "Old Man" Teeple and Jason "Bertuzzi" Belanger.

Welcomed into the fold are rookies Sean Herman, Devon Darby, Mitch Lee and goaltender Chance Sundquist.

This seasons roster features a well rounded group displaying speed, good puck moving ability, and leadership, all backed up by solid goaltending.

The season ahead could prove to be the best in Walrus history, with sights set on a return to the finals.....