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The Water Shed Denman and Hornby Islands
We have all your bottled water drinking needs. From multiple sizes of bottles to all the accessories. Ceramic crocks, electric coolers, hand pumps, and more.

We deliver every Friday, and you decide if we come to your house once a week or once every two weeks. Special deliveries are made on an emergency basis(ie. power outages, unexpected guests, etc.) A 5 gallon jug is just $8.00 or purchase "water tokens" and receive 11 bottles for the price of ten.

We have been in business on Denman and Hornby for the past 6 years and are proud of our continued service and sponsorship to local events and charities.

See our listing in the Denman Island Phone Book under "Water Services"
Or e-mail


Bringing you the best in drinking "Water, Pure & Simple"

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