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And a HUGE THANK-YOU to all of our loyal 12GEMS.COM members!    (all 7500+ of you!)

You know who you are.

Some interesting 12GEMS.COM Stats our members can be proud of: 


You solved the first and second official clues.

You solved the poem.

Your brilliant collaborative hard work led directly to (and gave away) the knowledge that broke the hunt wide open, and was the key to solving every puzzle and finding every single token.

You personally redeemed six of the tokens / jewels, and possibly more that we have not confirmed.

You are in fact the friendliest, most helpful, positively contributing, creative, generous ATT forum group online.

You posted more than 9000 interesting and informative articles in 7 months.

You donated over $500 to support this site, of which half will be donated to an environmental charity, and the other half to pay for some of the bandwidth fees associated with running this site for 7 months.


Thanks again for setting such a great positive and courteous example of how a forum and online community can operate and behave - Very proud of this gang.

Special thanks to M. Stadther and crew for your advice and patience.  Best of luck on the next book/hunt!   Hopefully it's global!

And remember..  "If you can spare no time, let the matter alone.."

Cheers!    Peck, 12GEMS.COM Admin.

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P.S.    Since closing the site not even two days ago, I have already received many emails asking for its return.   Thank-you for all of your kind and generous words of praise.  Honestly, you all made the site what it was and should thank yourselves and give yourselves a big pat on the back.  The mods and I collectively felt this hunt has basically run its course, and to keep the site up in its previous forum  format does require significant funds to pay for the hosting and bandwidth, as well as significant amounts of time and religious dedication to make sure the forum (and all of the accompanying web pages) was responsibly  moderated and kept up to date.  I am personally at a VERY busy time in my life as well, so the decision was made to bring closure to this part of the hunt.  There are still a couple of other ATT sites out there, although different, they will still be useful for solving the last couple of tokens. Hopefully there will be some other great third-party forum options set up for the next round of treasure hunt books from Mr. Stadther.  If any of you talented/creative web-savvy 12GEMS.COM members with a lot of time on your hands would like to perhaps set up and host your own forum for the next hunt(s), let us know, and I am sure we could find the time to answer/share set-up, software, creation, and admin related questions and experiences we learned with this site over the last 7 months.  I think we've all seen great examples in this hunt of how to, and how not to, run a web forum that is a helpful, mature, organized, fun place to be and contribute.  We've really met some great people on this site in the last half-year, and yes, it did feel like we created and became a family so-to-speak!  Thanks again from all of us here for your great posts, and sharing your time/thoughts with us on this adventure.  May we meet again!   Cheers!