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i'm a multimedia artist who's best work is in recycling the old into the new and crazy. i recreate thrift shop items into funky faced entities. i also am a painter from the darkside who likes skulls and beasts as subjects. my paintings are freeflowing and full of color and energy. my painting personality is modelled after my fave and deceased mentor jackson pollock. fabric in any form is a favorite substance. i like to build creatures. i work with bands in all aspects of graphic design doing cd covers, gig posters, bios, and band photos and set footage video using digital equipment. check out fullbore productions as i am also a booking agent if your band is heavy and in need of a show in the vancouver area.

freelance artistic consulting

vancouver bc area ( 604 ) 255 - 2088

I will do your webpage..reasonable rates

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metal video maniac

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