curriculum vitae wendythirteen Vancouver, B.C.

(604) 255-2088 e-mail

objective: to create a rewarding career using my many talents and abilities in the visual arts.

skills: -artistic ability -business acumen and management experience

employment and education:

1996-on -volunteer art rental associate, admissions, Vancouver Art Gallery, B.C.

1996 -volunteer clothing sorter, Liberty thrift, Vancouver, B.C.

1996 -art creative visualization class, Vancouver, B.C.

1994 -dress form workshop, V.C.C. Vancouver, B.C.

1992 -textiles, pottery, and painting classes, Capilano College, North Vancouver, B.C.

1991-92 -Fashion Design diploma, Helen Lefeaux school, Vancouver, B.C.

1991 -relocated to Vancouver, B.C.

1988-90 -volunteer treasurer, Cathedral Day-care, Regina, SK

1985-90 -owned and managed a successful Hair Salon and clothing boutique, Regina, SK

1984 -worked in the hair industry, Regina, SK

1983 -cosmetology diploma, Marvel school, Regina, SK

1982 -completed grade 12, Regina, SK

1978 ON -have been interested in and creating art


01/00-video footage JOE "SHITHEAD" KEITHLEY" Columbia Hotel, Vancouver, BC

01/00-video footage DEVIN TOWNSEND Columbia Hotel, Vancouver, BC

01/00-poster graphics COLUMBIA HOTEL ,Vancouver,BC

12/99-painting installation GALLERY GACHET 'GRRLS 2000- the many faces of eve'

12/99-video footage ABUSE Vancouver, BC

11/99-poster graphics HARD LUCK BAND Vancouver BC

10/99-video footage JUST CAUSE Vancouver, BC

10/99- webpage setup and graphic incorporation, Jason Ristock, Vancouver, BC ARTIST

10/99- Painting installation, 'A Hellway Show' Homer Arts, Vancouver, BC

09/99- JUST CAUSE gig poster and handbill layout, Vancouver, BC

09/99- brochure layout Elenna Hope & the Polka Dot Life, Vancouver BC performance artist

09/99- photoshoot STRAPPING YOUNG LAD band shots, Vancouver, BC

08/99 -donated "TULIP" 2'x4' painting to the W.E.L.L. Society for an art auction, Vancouver, BC

08/99 - THE GOLERS CD cover layout, Vancouver, BC

08/99 -HARD LUCK BAND set footage video, Columbia Hotel pub, Vancouver BC

08/99 -THE GOLERS bio layout, Vancouver, BC

08/99 -PUNCHDRUNK CD cover re-edited and reworked

07/99 -ZIMMERS HOLE set footage video, Starfish room, Vancouver, BC

07/99 -TRACTOR set footage video, Starfish room, Vancouver, BC

07/99 -PUNCHDRUNK set footage video, Crucifest 99

07/99- CRUCIFEST photos, Cloverdale, BC

07/99 -Crucifest handbill layout, Cloverdale BC

06/99 -search program V.C.A.

06/99 -painting installation at the Cannibas Cafe, Vancouver, B.C.

05/99 -merchandise photos for Hemp BC, Vancouver, B.C.

05/99 -advertising layout for Drexell's Eye, Vancouver, B.C.

03/99 -gig poster layout for Eternal, Vancouver, B.C.

03/99 -gig poster layout for Punchdrunk, Vancouver, B.C.

03/99 -photoshoot for S.Y.L.'s Byron and Jed's guitar sponsership, Vancouver, B.C.

01/99 -businesscard layout for Gene Hoglan, drummer, S.Y.L., Vancouver, B.C.

12/98 -business card layout for Punchdrunk, Vancouver, B.C.

08/98 -produced a CD graphic Layout for Punchdrunk, Vancouver, B.C.

07/97 -commission for a painting, Susan Davis, New Westminster, B.C.

03/97 -commissioned to paint musical gear, Dean Zimmer of Bombscare, Vancouver, B.C.

10/96 -painting, sculpture, and fashion installation, 'Halloween with wendythirteen'

The Quay Gallery, Gibsons, B.C.

08/95 -painting, sculpture installation, The Artful Abbott, Vancouver, B.C.

04/93 -displayed my snake dress at Christa's Boutique, Vancouver, B.C.

01/93 -painting installation "tracers' at The Underground, Vancouver, B.C.

12/92 -painting installation at Maddog's 'Return to the Warehouse' exhibition, Vancouver, B.C.

11/92 -painting installation at The Underground, Vancouver, B.C.

08/92 -placed 2nd at the P.N.E. fashion show for my snake dress prototype

08/92 -painting installation at Ace Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

03/90 -fashion design, Forbidden Colours 'Nebula M57' fashion show, Regina, SK

11/89 -commissioned a song, 'systematic violation' with the band 'unlawful assembly' Regina, SK

08/88 -modelled for a photo shoot, Regina, SK