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I would like to welcome all of you to these spaces, dedicated to sharing my interests in music, art, travel, life, and language. A place for cultural exchange and understanding. I had originally entitled my page, Ars Subtilior Now, but have reason to fear that many might think the entire site was really dedicated to esoteric discussions of bizarre late 14th century French music manuscripts, although one nod in that direction is made. The "subtle art" of which I thought was merely the act of living, especially living in complex times (an old Chinese curse). I am always struck by the similarities between the 14th century in France (and much of Western Europe) and the age in which we live. Certainly it has taken some difficult tightrope walking for me to maintain balance in my lifetime. On the one hand I see endless war, famine, and plague just as I would have in the Middle Ages. I see religious zealots now, just as I would have then. Yet as bleak as it looks, I wanted to be able to say that I see some glimmers of light and hope; that humanism which rose at the end of the 14th century and the rediscovery of "old" knowledge which we now refer to as the Renaissance might yet happen again. But even that view I now recognize as naive, having recently been made aware that the “humanist” movement itself was still intimately involved in theology during the “reforms” and that the oft cited classical knowledge was likewise laden with the same old repugnant views on many subjects, but particularly those concerning women. My student “Renaissance” naiveté fails to include the witch hunts and the Malleus Maleficarum in its “enlightenment.” The “End of Days” was an obsession in the late 16th century, as I think it is again today. And frankly one is coming, but not the one theology has in mind for us. Quite sobering, I must say. There is another aspect of the "subtle art" of living which I will share with you at the conclusion of my web site. In any case, many thanks for visiting me here.

I was born in Oklahoma a long time ago, but have lived in Canada since 1975. Happily I have been a Canadian citizen for over 40 years. My hobbies have included palaeontology, and horticulture, but chiefly music which is also my profession. You can check out a short professional biographical sketch from the menu on the right. I presently live in Victoria, British Columbia, a city which boasts fine cultural events, and a garden-like setting. It also benefits from having the mildest winters in Canada. Considering that it can reach minus 40 in other parts of the country, this is not an insignificant feature!


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Now a Professor Emeritus of the University of Lethbridge, my retirement is filled with new interests in Turkish music, language, and culture, and the task of mastering my new IMac computer in order to pursue sound editing and web authoring. By no means skilled at either of the latter, I beg your indulgence in this matter. On the pages that follow you will find samples of my life experiences in poetry, music, and photographs with links in some cases to more complete collections. I will also include informational links which interest me, and perhaps may interest you as well.

Please enjoy your time here, and if so inclined,
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