"For 25 years J-P. Christopher Jackson played a significant role in the development of the Faculty of Fine Arts. He served as Chairman of the Department of Music for two terms and as Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies. He holds a B. Mus. in applied music (woodwinds) and music theory from Oklahoma City University, an A.M. in composition from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, and a Ph.D. in historical performance practices from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Important works (literary and musical) include:

Performing Medieval and Renaissance Music published by Schirmer Books-Macmillan (now a part of Prentice Hall), with co-author Dr. Elizabeth Phillips

Bromptons (a vocal rhapsody for baritone voice and chamber players based on the poetry of English Professor Emeritus Brian Tyson and dedicated to George Evelyn)

A Time Before the Dream (a theatre piece written with colleague Richard Epp, Dept. of Theatre and Dramatic Arts)

Tresno (a work for solo flute and strings written for Susan Staples and the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra)

Drifting into Grey (a song cycle for tenor and chamber players based on the work of English Professor Emeritus William Latta and premiered by noted recording artist Willard Cobb)

Badlands (a tone poem for full orchestra)

A complete listing of musical works can be found at Opera Omnia and a list of his prominent teachers may be found at Influences on his personal webpage at: http://www3.telus.net/wildsage2/ under Professional Biography. The following links are also available on this page.

NEW: Dr. Jackson has been named an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre (Dec. 2009). His works continue to be registered with SOCAN in Canada and BMI in the United States.

NEW: In 2011 the Lethbridge Symphony honoured Jackson with a season-long retrospective of his work, featuring old and new pieces on each of its full orchestra, and chamber series concerts.

NEW: My Partner and I have executed Wills which will leave our Estate upon our deaths to the University of Lethbridge for an annual Legacy Scholarship in Music. See the article.

In addition to his academic studies in North America, Jackson studied the music and culture of Indonesia at various schools on the island of Java, receiving diplomas in Karawitan (traditional gamelan) of Sunda, Java, and Bali. An Anglophone, he reads French, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, and enjoys all world cuisine, Buddhism, Sufism and other mystic philosophy, horticulture, natural sciences, and film. Formerly active as an advocate for human rights in Alberta and Canada, he continues that advocacy in his new home in Victoria, British Columbia.”

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