Hearth and Home

My friends are always telling me that every time they hear from me, I am moving house. So it seems. For a few years I had a town-home in Tucson, Arizona. I was able to spend the winter there, and return to Canada for Summer and Fall teaching terms. Oh how I loved the Sonoran Desert and all of its flora and fauna. I felt that I was living in a national park. But for reasons of health (i.e. not wanting to end up in the U.S. health care system or lack thereof), I moved to Victoria, British Columbia for my retirement. I have already noted that we have the mildest winters in the country here.

The first place I lived when I moved to Victoria in 2001 was in James Bay off the Dallas Road waterfront, very near to Odgen Point breakwater, and the Heliport. My friend, Ernest, and I painted the condo to give it some life, for my collection of art, and for my many plants. After living in this new condo on the waterfront at Ogden Point for several years, I had the idea to buy a house in the summer of 2005. I missed horticulture and nature, and I thought this would be a good move for me emotionally. So in the summer of that year I bought a big beautiful house deep in the woods in a remote part of the Saanich Peninsula. There is only one way in and one way out, over a narrow mountain road through deep forest. The house had a self-contained basement suite as well, which my oldest friend Richard occupied, while Ray and I had the main living quarters. Nature abounded, although horticulture proved difficult due to the deer. All seemed perfect. Possession date had been the beginning of October.

Then winter descended. The house was at the foot of a steep cliff. The sun never made it over the top all through the winter, and I found the house cold, dark, and to be honest, foreboding. Although I am not sure I believe in such things, there seemed to be an occult presence in the house. Ghosts? Depression set in. I moved back into Victoria to my current condo on Richardson street, which you can see in these albums. My spirits are better now.

In my new condo in Central Victoria, I am only 5 blocks any direction to Downtown, the Inner Harbour, Beacon Hill Park, Cook St. Village, Antique Row, the Royal Theatre, and the Royal British Columbia Museum. I am also close to the Art Gallery of Victoria, Langham St. Theatre, and Government House. The condo has one very large bedroom, a loft (which I use as a study), two full bathrooms, and a spacious layout for the living room, dining room and kitchen. Lots of walls to display my art, the work of friends, students, and colleagues, and soaring 20 foot ceilings in some places. Bright and airy. I am very happy to have moved back into this city last Oct. 2006, and feel lucky to have found this place. And here is a view of it:


Now I want you to meet the denizens of Richardson. First of all, c'est moi:


Next we have my companion and partner, Ray, who works for the Provincial Government of British Columbia in the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Here is Ray:

Next I wish you to see our beloved pet, Chester, now passed away:

Please see Fergus. After three years of grieving the loss of Chester, we adopted a new rescued cat: