Before saying thanks to you and to those who have helped me with my web page, I wanted to touch on the other "subtle art" of living to which I referred on the Introduction page. Demons of my life which I have had to face. One is "depression" and the other is "chronic pain". The former has haunted me off and on for at least half of my adult life. But now I accept that there are certain medications which I must continue to take for the rest of my life, and after finding the right cocktail of medications I am doing well and have no intention of changing it. Chronic pain entered my life in 1999, and it has only been since 2007 that a medication which addresses this condition has been found, fortunately a mild one with few side effects. So on that front, I am likewise much improved. I share this with you only to give encouragement to those of you who may be suffering in a similar fashion. Never give up the search for the treatment which works for you. And in finding one, keep to it, so that you may walk the tightrope of life with more ease and more confidence, with "subtle art".

I wish to thank all of my friends who have so enriched my personal life. I wish to thank all of my colleagues who have so enriched my professional life. And I wish to thank all those who have contributed to the building of this site by virtue of permission granted to use their images, stories, poetry, photography, and art which I have combined with my own creative work, collections, and musings.

Due to limited space on this web host, there will be no more additions to the music pages. I do hope, however, to add a bit more to the "Favourite Quotations" page, to the “Travel” page link, and to the "Stories from Childhood" page should submissions of the latter come in. Don't be shy, but please be brief if possible. And finally, I wish to give thanks to all those people who have come to visit me here. Thank you for sharing your time, and do come again.

Some extraordinary and "unique" Canadian artists (one from Vancouver Island) you should know and visit:

Loreena McKennitt (Pan-Celtic/World) orange

Mercan Dede (Pan-Sufi/Techno-Fusion) orange

Diana Krall (Jazz) orange

Leonard Cohen (Poet/Iconic songster) orange andorange

Joni Mitchell (Another iconic songster and visual artist) orange

Glen Gould (Classical Pianist and Visionary) orange and orange

Tafelmusik (Baroque Orchestra) orange

Ben Heppner (Opera-Heldentenor) orange


A New Concept in Internet Music Usage

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Music for Meditation by Magnatune Compilation