1870: The Trans-Mississippi

Appendix B: Credits

This game has been created by:
Designer: Bill Dixon. Claims full responsibility for this (per)version of the Hartland Rail Tile Game.

Inspiration from 1829*, 1830*, 1835*, 1850*, 1853*, 1856* and the fevered minds of members of the University of British Columbia Wargaming Society is freely admitted.

Rules Development: Bill Dixon and John Puddifoot.

Playtesters: Graphics and Layout:
Map, Stock Market Display, Money and Game Components: Bill Dixon.
Rules: Bill Dixon + John Puddifoot.
All graphics, including the map, stock market and money, were produced using CorelDRAW! .
The rules were produced using WordPerfect for windows.

1830 is a trademark of Avalon Hill.
1829 and 1853 are trademarks of Hartland who are to be thanked for originating this rail tile system.
1835 is a trademark of Hans im Glück.
1850, 1832 and 1869 are trademarks of Bill Dixon.
1856 and 1870 are trademarks of Mayfair.

Version 3.0, July 12, 1999
Version W1.1, September 11, 1999. (HTML Version)

Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Bill Dixon

With 1870 finished, 1832:The South* is still beckoning. Now if it would only reveal to me how it is going to work.

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October 31, 1994. Incorporate John's corrections.
November 21, 1994, Incorporate John's proofreading.

Mayfair developed their game rules from this version.

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