1870: The Trans-Mississippi

Rules Differences

The rules on these WEB pages are the rules as designed with few changes brought about by creative players. These were developed from the rules that Mayfair used to create the published version of 1870. Appendix B: Credits has the full development history of the rules.

The Mayfair rules developer made a few rules interpretations of his own and added his own slant to the game so the Mayfair rules have deviated slightly from the designers rules. This section will attempt to indicate those differences with notes from the designer.

I will cover each section (if necessary) and show each difference that I have noted with (if necessary) a possible explanation of why they were changed.

Please feel free to inform me of any changes I have missed.

2 Game Equipment

2.1 The Map

The original map had different a different shade of green for each state. For production simplicity, these were all changed to one colour.

2.2 The Stock Market

As noted on page 27 of the Mayfair rules, they misprinted the stock market. You can make the changes with coloured stickers.

2.4 Trains

Mayfair has decided that there should be unlimited numbers of type twelve trains. I see no problem with this change.

2.5 Tile List

Mayfair greatly increased the number of green tiles in the game. I like this change.

2.6 Bank

Mayfair changed the numbers of the different types of bills in the bank. This has no effect on the game. I still think that $2 bills are useful. I do like the printed money that they used.

3 Game Setup

3.2 Starting Order

Other than using tokens instead of cards, this section is largely the same.

3.4 Funds Disclosure

This is covered under Game Etiquette on page 2.

3.5 Game Etiquette

This section was moved here from section 2.

The Mayfair section is a condensed version of the current rules. The sixth item was omitted. The seventh item about counting the bank is new.

3.6 Deals Between Players and 3.7 Purchase Order

These are new sections.

4 Sequence of Play and Game Phases

4.x.x Phases

5 Stock Round

5.4 Certificate Limits

5.4.1 Player Certificate Limits

Player Certificate Limits
Number of Players
Number of Companies
3 4 5 6 7
10 20 16 13 11 9
9 17 14 11 9 7
8 15 12 9 8 6
Mayfair added the row for two players and omitted the row for seven players. The eight companies line was added after Mayfair had published the game. I now feel that the share limits should drop for each company closed although I doubt that more than two companies will ever be closed in 1870.

5.9 Share Price Protection

Mayfair has issued a ruling that says that shares of companies in the green or brown zone of the stock market, purchased in excess of normal limits, must be sold when these companies move into the yellow or white zone of the stock market.

We have always treated shares purchased in this way the same way as shares acquired through share price protection.

I had wondered where the Mayfair ruling came from until recently. Upon rereading the original rules, I noted that we did not say the above anywhere so Mayfair applied existing rules to make their ruling.

5.11 Railroad Share Reissue

The reissue rules values top out at $200 in the original rules. Mayfair has extended these to $400. I am neutral on this change.

7 Tokens

7.3 Placing a Token

Destination tokens originally occupied a space on the tile (if one was available). Mayfair made this a variant and declared Destination tokes non-blocking.

These are all the differences I have noted at this time. Please feel free to inform me of any other changes you find.

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