1870: The Trans-Mississippi

1 Introduction 1870: The Trans-Mississippi

Railroad development in the Trans-Mississippi area started in the 1850s. As one of the areas examined for a route for the Pacific Railroad, it featured a lower crossing of the continental divide than any northern route and construction would be much easier and cheaper. The Civil war ended plans for this southern route and as a result, there was little railway construction in this area at that time. This delayed development of the region until after the war. This game covers the fortunes of some of the railroads that served the Trans-Mississippi area in this post war period.

1.1 Game Style

This game is a 1830© style game with the stock market enhancements first introduced in "1850:The Midwest©" (released in 1992 but as yet unpublished).

1.2 New Rules

All companies in this game have a semi-historical destination to reach. Reaching this destination gives the companies some benefits but it is not a requirement of the game. See rules section 11 for further information.
All companies may lay two yellow tiles per turn.
The rules for Share Price Protection, Share Redemption and Share Reissuing are in sections 5.9, 5.10 and 5.11.

1.3 Game Length

The length of this game varies with the number of players and their experience. A six player game should take from four to six hours.

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