1870: The Trans-Mississippi

3 Game Setup

3.1 Physical Layout

The playing map and the stock market should be laid out on a table with sufficient room for all players, the bank, and to lay out the track tiles. The operating round marker should be placed to indicate a stock round. Each company's shares should be placed on the initial offering display in their appropriate places with the presidential share on top along with the company's tokens and par value marker. The trains should be placed on their boxes on the train display. The bank's money should be placed along one side of the map omitting the $1000 bills. The five private companies and the president's share of the Frisco are placed in cost price order in the centre of the map. Place one share of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad with the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad private company.

3.2 Starting Order

The starting order cards are then shuffled and dealt one per person in clockwise order around the table. The player who won the last game decides who gets the first card. If a player volunteers to be the banker, he sits next to the bank and the other players arrange themselves in ascending order around him. Should no one volunteer to be the banker, the player with card # 1 retains their position and the other players arrange themselves clockwise in numerical order after him.

3.3 Player Starting Capital

Each player receives as starting capital $ 2100 divided by the number of players in the game.

Players 2 3 4 5 6
Starting Capital $ 1050 $ 700 $ 525 $ 420 $ 350

3.4 Funds Disclosure

Player money is always public knowledge. Company money is always private. A president may reveal the extent of a companies finances if he so wishes but he need not be truthful.

3.5 Game Etiquette

Some player actions can speed the play of the game.

3.6 Deals Between Players

Deals (about track lays, token placement, trains sales, etc.) are made between players, not companies. A player who has had a company dumped on him does not have to live up to any deals made by the previous president.
There are no rules about enforcing deals. You are free to break any deal you make.

3.7 Purchase Order

In all purchases in this game, first you pay the money and then you get the item.

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