1870: The Trans-Mississippi

12 Purchasing Private Companies

At any time during the operating turn of a public company in phase two or three, the company may elect to purchase any private company in the hands of a player. The Mississippi River Bridge Company may be purchased by one of two companies in phase one.

12.1 Private Company Sale Price

The price paid must be least half, but no more than double, the listed cost of the private company. I.e., the Great River Shipping Company, costing $ 20, could be sold to a company for between $ 10 and $ 40.
The payment is made directly from the company's treasury into the hand of the player. The amount paid is declared to the other players at the time of purchase.

12.2 Private Company Benefits

Certain of these private companies confer special abilities on owning public companies. See the section on private companies for further information.

12.3 Private Company Income

Unless otherwise noted in the private company description, when private companies owned by public companies operate, they pay their income into the public company treasury.

12.4 Private Company Closure

Private companies are closed on the sale of the first type five train. One company, The Gulf Shipping Company may be closed earlier if the owner decides to make it a closed port.
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