1870: The Trans-Mississippi

13 Ending the Game

The game ends when any player goes bankrupt or the bank runs out of money

13.1 Player Bankruptcy

This happens when the president of a public company is unable to raise sufficient funds to buy a train. The bankrupt player's net worth for victory purposes is the total value of the shares the player could not sell and the face value of any remaining private companies he may hold. A player may not voluntarily declare bankruptcy, though he may engineer it.

13.2 Bank Runs Out of Money

If the bank runs out of money during an operating round, you finish the set of operating rounds. When this happens, add the $1000 bills to the bank.
If the bank runs out of money during a stock round, you must still finish the following set of operating rounds.
The bank runs out of money when:

13.3 Stalemate

It is possible for a game to enter a stalemate position where no companies are operating. Then the game is stalemated.
Declare it over.
There is no winner.
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