1870: The Trans-Mississippi

17 Design Notes

After many enjoyable(?) years playing Avalon Hill's 1830*, Hartland's 1829* and 1853*, Hans im Gluck's 1835*, and our own 1856* as well as many 'homebrew' variations to these games, we were on the look out for new ways to play. This led to the development of 1850*. This game, in the Chicago area plays well but companies in the southern part of the map are somewhat constricted in development area.

This game, 1870* is the cure for that constricted feeling. Companies that were located at the lower edge of the 1850 map, are now at the upper edge of the 1870 map and have more historical area to develop in. Players of both games will note that the bottom third of the 1850 map overlaps the upper third of the 1870 map. This is deliberate. The two games can be played together.

All of the rail tile games have a different emphasis. 1829 is the competition for routes, 1830 is the robber baron game, 1835 the formation of the Prussian State Railway, 1853 the building of tracks, 1856 the relationship between railways and the Canadian Government and 1850 the new stock market game. This game is a stock market game with the larger area covered putting more emphasis on route development than most of the other games.

This game is more forgiving than the other rail tile games. Do not give up early. A player who is doing poorly at the beginning may still win. It is not usually possible to determine the winner until you see how the permanent trains break.

Of the railways portrayed in this game, only the AT&SF and SP remain independent under their original names. The SP and the SF were once merger partners but that was prohibited. The SP and the SSW (and the D&RGW) are now becoming one corporate giant. The Katy has been absorbed by the Union Pacific. The FW&D and the Frisco are now parts of the Burlington Northern. The GM&O & the IC merged to form the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. The T&P was merged into the MP which has itself disappeared into the UP.

1999 Update None of the railroads portrayed in this game, exist as separate entities anymore. The AT&SF is now part of the BNSF and the SP has been swallowed by the UP. The IC split off from the GM&O and is now part of Canadian National.

1830 is a trademark of Avalon Hill.
1829 and 1853 are trademarks of Hartland.
1835 is a trademark of Hans im Glück.
1850, 1832 and 1869 are trademarks of Bill Dixon.
1856 and 1870 are trademarks of Mayfair.

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