The Route of the Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway

The route of the Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway covers tracks owned (at various times) by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canadian Northern Railway (now Canadian National Railway) and the Great Northern Railway (now Burlington Northern, Santa Fe).

Discussion of these routes is broken into two sections:

Historical Lines:


Model Railway Lines:


Thanks to an acquaintance met through the store I work at (Central Hobbies) I have come into possession of copies of the GNR timetables covering the area I am modeling. When time permits these will be listed in a new section VV&E Time Tables


The sources for the above information (besides my fertile imagination) are:

Historical Lines Forming the VNV VNV Model Railway Lines VV&E Time Tables V.N.V. Railway Page - V.N.V Railway Charter - History of The V.N.V. Railway

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