The Historical Lines forming the Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway

The routes are discussed by original railway; New Westminster Southern, Victoria Terminal Railway, Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon, Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern, Kettle Valley Railway (CPR) and Canadian Northern Railway.

Historical Lines:

New Westminster Southern Railway

MP zero is the Canada/USA Border. The line heads north-north-west until it bisects what is now the intersection of 8th Avenue and 176th Street. The line starts a gentle spiral curve east to what is now 184 street. It crosses 184 street at McMillan Avenue and swings sharply north to cross 20th street. The line starts a gentle S' curve to the west until it ends up heading north on a grade just east of 176th. It passes north through Cloverdale on the same grade. At Yale Road the line swings north east and follows (is) Harvie Road. At 87 Avenue Harvie Road curves north around Port Kells until it is running north west. It continues north west then turns to follow the river bank west to Brownsville. The line terminates at a station at old Yale Road. (Historical)

Construction History
1890 23.51 miles of track.
1891 00.59 miles of track.
Total Mileage: 24.1 Miles.

Abandonment History
1916 Brownsville to Port Kells (to CNoR) 8.55 Miles
1918 Blaine to Hazelmere 2.69 Miles.
1919 Hazelmere to Port Kells 11.3 Miles
1.56 Miles unaccounted for, possible trackage around Cloverdale.

Name Station
or Flag
MP 0Canada / US Border Station 20 Cars
Junction with Fairhaven and Southern Railroad (GNR) Double track here (siding for Customs purposes).
MP 0.4 Washington Mill Company Spur.North4
MP 1.1176 Street & 8 Avenue
MP 2.4HazelmereStation8 Cars
MP 3.6 Campbell River LoggingNorth3 Cars
Junction with Campbell River Logging Railway.
Blaine Shingle Company Spur.
Leads off of Campbell River Lumber Spur.
North100 Cars
MP 8.1 CloverdaleStation38 Cars
Passing Siding. 64 Cars
Wye Junction with Victoria Terminal Railway
MP 9.6 David Bell Company SpurSouth25 Cars
MP 10.1 McNair SpurSouth2 Cars
MP 10.45Yale Road
MP 12.8 Great Western Shingle CompanyNorth7 Cars
MP 13.3 Port KellsStation
MP 23.8 Brownsville
MP 24.1 End of Line Station
Ferry Slip to cross the Fraser River.

Notes: There is no mention of the BC Electric Railway as that company was built after the NWSR.
Where there is industrial spur you can assume that there is also a Flag Stop.

Victoria Terminal Railway

The line starts at the edge of the river and runs along 44 Avenue to Kelly Drive. The Guichon Wye runs up Savoy Street. It follows Kelly avenue until it reaches 44 Avenue again. The line continues east along the course of 44 Avenue (usually to the south of it, but at times to the north. The railway is straight but the road changes from one side of the track to the other a few times.). It heads east until it reaches Colebrook Road, then it follows the course of Colebrook road until it reaches Cloverdale. At Cloverdale there is a wye junction with the NWSR. (Historical)

Construction History
1903 Ladner to Cloverdale 17.49 Miles

Abandonment History
1931 Colebrook to Cloverdale 6.25 Miles
1935 Colebrook to Ladner 10.00 Miles
1.24 Miles of track left as part of the GNR Mud Bay line to Vancouver.

Mile posts are from 1918 and 1931 time tables.

Name Station
or Flag
Mile Post
1931 Name Station
or Flag
MP 0.0 Guichon Station 10 Cars
MP 0.1 Ferry Slip and Railway Wharves. East 3 Cars
MP 10.71 Ladner Station 2 Cars
MP 1.4 Ladner Flag 2 Cars
MP 9.47ChallucthanFlag6 Cars
MP 2.9Gowdy Road SpurWest5 Cars
MP 3.8InverholmFlag9 Cars
MP 7.05InverholmFlag8 Cars
MP 5.7Patterson's SpurWest7 Cars
MP 5.8Smith Road SpurBoth5 Cars
MP 6.8Matthew Road SpurBoth5 Cars
MP 8.6Embree Road SpurBoth5 Cars
MP 8.9Oliver Road SpurWest5 Cars
MP 9.8Guichon Line Junction
MP .76Guichon Line JunctionFlag
MP 10.6ColebrookStation58 Cars
Passing Siding. 58 Cars
MP 0.0ColebrookStation47 Cars
Passing siding. 48 Cars.
MP 10.6Colebrook Junction
MP 11.6SouthportFlag4 Cars
MP 13.1AlluviaFlag4 Cars
MP 13.8Gravel Pit SpurWest9 Cars
MP 16.0Surrey SpurWest3 Cars
MP 17.1Cloverdale.Station38 Cars
Passing Siding. 64 Cars
Wye Junction with New Westminster Southern Railway

Mile Posts, Car Capacities, and Siding Capacities from 1918 Time Table.
Spur Opens refers to end(s) connected to main line.
Where there is industrial spur you can assume that there is also a Flag Stop.

Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon

This railway built a line from New Westminster to Vancouver. The route overland route is not well enough known to determine mile posts. It is known that it followed the current line to False Creek to the vicinity of Still Creek then crossed over the height of land around Trout Lake. The grade down into False Creek was steep. It followed the south shore of False Creek (which at this time extended to Clark Avenue) to just past Main Street. Then it crossed False Creek at about Quebec Street (the bridge supports were at the east end of False Creek, now buried under Science World). The original VW&Y station was in China Town at Pender and Keefer. This became the Marco Polo restaurant (now torn down). After the VW&Y was purchased by the VV&E a new line was built (the cut) and the fill from the cut was used to fill end the east end of False Creek to make land for railway yards. A new station erected beside the CNoR station. (Historical)

John Hendry

John Hendry was involved with many local railways and much wheeling and dealing in early Vancouver Railway history. A good account of his actions can be found in "BC Studies No. 59 Autumn 1983". The account is mainly concerned with the Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Railway, but other lines he owned or controlled are covered as well. (Historical)

Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway

The VV&E built the line from Cloverdale through Abbotsford to Sumas and the line to Cannor on the CNoR mainline. (Historical)

Construction History
1907 Cloverdale to 1.38 Miles. E. of Cloverdale 1.38 Miles
1908 1.38 miles. E of Cloverdale to boundary at Sumas 27.88 Miles
1912 Abbotsford to 7.82 Miles. E. (Kilgard) 7.82 Miles
1913 7.82 Miles. E. of Abbotsford to 12.86 Miles. E. (Sumas River) 5.04 Miles
1916 12.86 Miles. E. of Abbotsford to Cannor 1.04 Miles

Abandonment History
1920 Cannor to Bridge 176 1.04 Miles
1924 Kilgard to Cannor (Bridge 176) 5.04 Miles
1929 Abbotsford to Kilgard 4.73 Miles
1929 Cloverdale to Sumas 29.15 Miles

From the 1918 Time Table: Fifth District - Sumas to Guichon

Ferry Slip and Railway Wharves.
Name Station
or Flag
MP 0.0Sumas, WashingtonStation
International Boundary
MP 0.1HuntingdonStation3 Cars
Passing siding, 26 cars.
MP 3.6AbbotsfordStation31 Cars
Passing siding, 37 cars.
Junction with Seventh District: Hope to Abbotsford.
MP 4.4Abbotsford Timber SpurEast4 Cars
MP 7.3Pinegrove Lumber Company SpurWest10 Cars
MP 8.1PinegroveStation7 Cars
MP 9.6Fish Trap PitWest40 Cars
MP 11.7Singer Mill No. 2 SpurWest4 Cars
MP 12.7AldergroveStation31 Cars
Passing siding, 62 cars.
MP 12.7Aldergrove Lumber Company SpurEast20 Cars
MP 16.9OtterStation
Passing siding, 26 cars.
MP 16.9Otter Shingle Company SpurEast15 Cars
MP 17.9Clark's SpurWest2 Cars
MP 20.5Lincoln Lumber Company SpurWest30 Cars
MP 21.5LincolnStation18 Cars
Passing siding, 61 cars.
MP 22.9Fernridge Lumber Company SpurWest15 Cars
MP 29.4CloverdaleStation38 Cars
Passing siding, 64 cars.
Wye Junction Sixth District: Port Kells to Hazelmere.
MP 30.5Surrey SpurWest3 Cars
MP 32.7Gravel Pit SpurWest9 Cars
MP 33.4AlluviaFlag4 Cars
MP 34.9SouthportFlag4 Cars
MP 35.9Colebrook Junction
MP 35.9ColebrookStation58 Cars
Passing Siding. 58 Cars
MP 36.7Guichon Line Junction
MP 37.6Oliver Road SpurWest5 Cars
MP 37.9Embree Road SpurBoth5 Cars
MP 39.7Matthew Road SpurBoth5 Cars
MP 40.7Smith Road SpurBoth5 Cars
MP 40.8Patterson's SpurWest7 Cars
MP 42.7InverholmFlag9 Cars
MP 43.6Gowdy Road SpurWest5 Cars
MP 45.1LadnerFlag2 Cars
MP 46.4 East3 Cars
MP 46.5GuichonStation10 Cars

From the 1918 Time Table: Seventh District - Hope to Abbotsford

Name Station
or Flag
MP 0.0HopeStation
MP 0.0Canadian Northern Pacific Railway Trackage Starts
MP 36.6CannorStation
MP 37.64Bridge 176
MP 46.3KilgardStation5 Cars
Passing siding, 40 cars.
MP 46.3Kilgard Brick SpurWest12 Cars
MP 50.5Junction with Fifth District: Sumas to Guichon
MP 51.3AbbotsfordStation31 Cars
Passing siding, 37 cars.

Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen

The Merritt Lines are the lines built by the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway. For a description of the lines see Nicola Branch and Brodie Branch on the Nicola Valley Route page. (Historical)

Kettle Valley Railway

Mile Posts are for the CPR Coquihalla Subdivision. CPR mile posts are measured from Brookmere. (Historical)

Mile Post Name
MP 4.0 Brodie
MP 9.8 Juliet
MP 18.0 Coquihalla
MP 24.1 Romeo
MP 29.6 Iago
MP 34.4 Portia
MP 38.3 Aurum
MP 39.8 Jessica
MP 45.2 Lear
MP 48.9 Othello
MP 53.6 CNR Junction Hope

Canadian Northern Railway

Mile Posts are current Canadian National Mile Posts. This route was surveyed by the GNR (VV&E) and built by the Canadian Northern Railway. The VV&E leased running rights from Hope to Cannor. (Historical)

Mile Post Name
MP 40.2 Hope Junction
MP 40.3 Hope
MP 44.0 Floods
MP 54.1 Cheam View
MP 65.9 Rosedale
MP 71.8 Chilliwack
MP 76.5 CNR Arnold)
MP 76.6 Cannor


For those of you unfamiliar with the history of the railways mentioned I have marked some passages with (Fiction) to indicate that they are fiction and (Historical) to indicate that they are historical fact.

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