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Having obtained copies of early GNR Time Tables, all mile posts will be recalculated.

The Route of the Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway

Model Railway Lines:

The Merritt Lines

The official Mile Post Zero is at the end of the former Nicola Valley Railway Nicola Branch line where there is a junction with the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway line north to Kamloops. The Vancouver & Nicola Valley operates over portions of two NVR branch lines; the Nicola spur and the south end of the Brodie branch. (Fiction)

Mile Post Name
MP 0 Nicola
Nicola has a passing siding on the north side of the main line. The passenger station is located on the siding. A trailing point spur serves the freight house, Sutter Creek Sawmill and several small platforms serving several mining claims in the area. South of the main line there is a long siding serving corrals. North of the main line , branching off the start of the passing siding is a wye. The north tail track of the wye serves Higaro & Sons Sawmill Ltd. (Now Nicola Timber Ltd.). (Historical)
Start of NK&S running rights on VNV. (Fiction)
MP 5.7 Diamond Vale Mine
At MP 5.7 are the spurs serving the now reopened Diamond Vale Mine. Due to the poor quality of coal being mined, this mine was closed for many years. Exploration found new seams of good coal and the mine is now a major producer in the area.
MP 6.2 Merritt Bypass
At Mile Post 6.2 the mainline branches south from the old NVR Nicola branch to pass south of Merritt. This line avoids the sharp curve in the Merritt wye and routes all the mainline traffic south around the city of Merritt rather than through it.
MP 6.5 Merritt Yards
The Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway Merritt Yards are located here. There is a yard with car repair and engine service facilities. Several industrial spurs are located here.
End of NK&S running rights.
MP 8.0 Diversion End
Here the mainline joins the former The Brodie Branch Line of the NVR at MP 4.1. The mile posts on the Brodie branch have been renumbered.
MP 19.0 Glen Walker
A flag stop is located on a 30 car siding.
MP 27.5 Pine
A small station and a 30 car siding. The Nicola Pine Mills' logging railway extends fifteen miles to the west up Midday Creek. Logs from here are transported to the mills at Canford.
MP 32.5 Kingsvale
A small station and a nineteen car siding. A water tank was located at the north end of the siding. This was to be the original end of the line before the extension was built to Brodie.
MP 51.0 Brodie
There is a siding paralleling the west side of the wye. Here the Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway meets the CPR and starts joint running to Hope.

The Coquihalla Line

The Merritt lines - The Shared Main - The Valley Lines - The Vancouver Lines

The Vancouver & Nicola Valley assumed the Great Northern Railway running rights to the Coquihalla lines. (Fiction)

Mile Post Name
MP 51.0 Brodie
MP 56.8 Juliet
MP 65.0 Coquihalla
MP 71.1 Romeo
MP 76.6 Iago
MP 81.4 Portia
MP 85.3 Aurum
MP 86.8 Jessica
MP 92.2 Lear
MP 95.9 Othello
MP 100.6 CNR Junction Hope (CNR MP 40.2)

The Shared Main

The Merritt lines - The Coquihalla Line - The Valley Lines - The Vancouver Lines

The Vancouver & Nicola Valley assumed the Great Northern Railway running rights to the Hope to Cannor section of the CNoR mainline. (Fiction)

Mile Post Name
MP 100.6 Hope Junction (CNR MP 40.2)
MP 100.7 Hope (CNR MP 40.3)
Hope is the location of a small yard with two passing sidings, a small locomotive shed for helper engines and engine service facilities. (Historical) These were originally located on the west side of the CNoR lines but to rationalize things they were relocated to the east side with the CNoR taking over the west side yards. (Fiction)
MP 100.7 HP Tower
HP (Hope) tower controls the Hope Junction.(Fiction)
MP 104.4 Floods (CNR MP 44.0)
MP 114.5 Cheam View (CNR MP 54.1)
MP 126.3 Rosedale (CNR MP 65.9)
MP 132.2 Chilliwack (CNR MP 71.8)
MP 136.9 Cannor (CNR Arnold MP 76.5)

The Valley Lines

The Merritt lines - The Coquihalla Line - The Shared Main - The Vancouver Lines

New information gleaned from satellite images of the Fraser Valley has changed all the milepost information. The former Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway grade is visible in many places and has allowed for a much better location of its route. In the absence of an official map or time table, this will do for now.

The Route east from Cloverdale.

The route begins at the grade just east of 176 street and heads east on Colebrook road. The line crosses the Nikomekl River at about 190 Street. It follows Colebrook Road east through Langley until at 199 Street it swings south to join Grade Road at 200 Street. It follows Grade Road east to 208 Street. Here Grade Road swings south and comes to and end.

The rail line continues south up Murrayville Creek and crosses 40 Avenue at 214 street. The line curves west to almost reach the end of 36 Avenue. Then it starts a giant loop back east and then north (the first of the Murrayville Loops). The loop crosses 216 street at about 33 avenue and continues north to re-cross 40 Avenue at 220 street. At 44 avenue the line loops east and then south (the second loop) passing around a subdivision and crossing 224 street just short of 48 avenue. The line curves south to cross Old Yale Road at 224 street and then starts curving back north (the third loop).

The line again crosses Old Yale Road at 230 street. It starts curving east and crosses the Fraser Highway at 231 Street then crosses 232 street just north of the Fraser Highway. The line curves east to join Robertson Crescent. At 256 street Robertson Crescent curves south until it is running south east. The line follows Robertson Crescent to 264 street. From 264 street the line goes diagonally through Aldergrove, crossing 272 street just north of 32 avenue. It crosses Fraser Highway at 274 street heading south west and passes along Station Road.

It continues south east crossing Simpson Road before it reaches and crosses Lefeuvre Road. The line jogs east then south again before commencing a large loop to the east then north crossing Bradner Road at about 17 avenue. The loop continues until the line is traveling north east. The line continues north east then curves east to cross Ross Road at Simpson Road. It follows Simpson Road East and at the end of the road curves north until it is running just shy of north east.

The line is now aimed almost directly at the intersection of Old Yale Road and Livingstone Avenue - Blue Jay Avenue (south east corner of the intersection). It crosses Mount Lehman Road just south of Canary Court. The line continues north east then swings east along Sidom Avenue. Tending to the south it crosses Old Yale Road, then the ravine and then joins Dahlstrom Avenue. The line follows the course of Dahlstrom Avenue . At Oriole Crescent it leaves the avenue but parallels it on the south side. At Gladwin Road the line curves south and parallels Nelson Avenue until it reaches the junction of South Fraser Way and Old Yale Road at McCallum Road. The line follows the course of South Fraser Way south east, over the CPR and BC Electric tracks until just south of Marshall road it leaves South Fraser Way to follow Delair Road. Just before the overpass of the railway tracks the Huntingdon spur branches off to the south. The line follows Delair road then Lower Sumas Mountain Road. At the junction with Whatcom Road the line is on a bench just above the level of the old Sumas Lake. Eventually the line reaches and follows Quadling Road until at Sumas River it crosses the river and joins the CNR Mainline at Cannor (east end of CNR siding Arnold).

Mile Post Name
Notes. Unless otherwise noted, all roads have unprotected level crossings.
MP 136.9 Cannor
Junction Canadian National Railway (Formerly Canadian Northern Railway ). CNR Arnold MP 76.5
MP 136.9 AN Tower
AN (Arnold) Tower controls the lines west to Cloverdale as well as the Huntingdon Branch.
MP 138.4 Vedder Junction
Junction with Vedder River Logging Company.
MP 138.0 Sumas River
Pile Trestle Crossing of River. Replaced by three span through girder bridge 1935.
MP 146.3 Kilgard
Kilgard Station. Cement Plant. Brick Plant.
MP 150.1 Abbotsford
MP 150.5 CPR/BCH Overpass
Pile trestle crossing of CPR and BCH lines to Huntingdon. Replaced by through girder with fill approaches.
MP 150.75 Huntingdon Junction
Junction with Huntingdon branch line.
Huntingdon Branch
MP 0.0 Huntingdon Junction
MP 2.8 Huntingdon
Interchange with Milwaukee Road and Northern Pacific.
MP 152.6 Clearbrook
Clearbrook station. Now amalgamated with Abbotsford. Crossing BCER/CPR spur line to Mill Lake Lumber Mill. CPR Signals.
MP 154.2 Fish Trap Creek Bridge
Original trestle replaced with high fill and culvert.
MP 155.2 Old Yale Road Crossing #5
MP 155.3 Highway 1 Crossing
One through girder bridge over each of the eastbound and westbound lane pairs.
MP 155.7 Mt. Lehman Road
Level crossing. Lights.
MP 156.45 Waechver Creek
Low trestle replaced with culvert and fill.
MP 156.85 Ross Road
MP 158.6 Bradner Road
Level crossing. Bradner Road loop.
MP 158.9 Howes Creek
Culvert and fill.
MP 159.5 Lefeuvre Road
MP 160.3 Aldergrove
Station located on Station Road.
MP 160.75 Fraser Highway
Level crossing with lights.
MP 161.15 Highway 13
Level Crossing with lights. Highway 13 / 264th street. Robertson Crescent.
MP 163.55 256 street.
MP 164.55 248 Street. Otter.
Flag Stop.
MP 165.65 240 Street
MP 165.75 End of Robertson Crescent grade. Enter upper reaches of Nicomekl River.
MP 166.7 232 Street
MP 166.85 Fraser Highway
Protected level crossing.
MP 167.1 Old Yale Road East
Protected crossing. Upper Murrayville loop. 4.5 degree curve.
MP 167.7 Old Yale Road
Protected Crossing.
MP 168.15 224 Street
Protected crossing. Siding to Cement plant. Middle Murrayville loop. 4 degree curve.
MP 168.6 Murrayville
MP 168.7 Old Yale Road West
Protected crossing.
MP 169.5 40 Avenue East. Lincoln.
Flag Stop.
MP 169.96 Murray Creek
Fill and culvert.
MP 170.6 216 Street
MP 171.1 Murrayville Loops
Lower Murrayville loop. 3.4 degree curve. The three Murrayville loops stretch from MP 167.1 to MP 171.1.
MP 171.55 Road Overpass - 40 Avenue West
MP 172.85 208 Street
Protected Crossing.
MP 173.9 200 Street
Protected Crossing.
MP 174.1 Langley
Langley Station.
MP 174.64 Anderson Creek
Fill and culvert.
MP 174.95 192 Street
Road underpass.
MP 175.15 Nicomekl River
Pile trestle replaced by fill and through girder, quickly replaced by four through girders on stone piers after the fill was washed out.
MP 177.1 Cloverdale Junction
The original New Westminster Southern Railway (NWSR) line was North South. The Victoria Terminal Railway (VTR) joined on the east side of the line with a wye. When the valley line was built to the east, the western point of the VTR wye was replaced with a three way turnout with the straight leg extending east to cross the N-S line at 90 degrees. The Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway (VNV) added the junction from the north line to the east line for passenger service. The south east junction was never needed so it was never built. When the BC Harbours Board line to Roberts Bank was built through Cloverdale it caused the realignment you see in the plan.
MP 177.1 CD Tower
CD (CloverDale) Tower controls the Cloverdale Junction, the lines north, south and west. Lines east are controlled by AN (ArNold) Tower at Cannor.
MP 177.1 Port Guichon Junction
The line heads east of 176 street following the course of Colebrook road. At 131A Street there is a short passing siding before the line joins the GNR line from the south. The line used to follow the alignment of Colebrook road but the Highway Junction of Annacis Highway and 99 forces a jog to the north where the GNR line to Vancouver branches off north. The line then climbs and crosses 99 on a bridge and heads back to the former alignment. At about 67 Street the modern line to Roberts Bank branches of to the south. The branch line continues west along the course of 44 Avenue (usually to the south of it, but at times to the north). At 46A Street the line curves north to follow the alignment of Station Street to the river.
Port Guichon Branch
MP 0.0Port Guichon Junction. Protected crossing of 176 Street.
MP .1Meridian
Flag stop.
MP .5Cloverdale Yards
Because of the fortuitous layout of the Cloverdale Junction this was the best location for the VNV yards. The engine service is on the higher ground on the north side. Yards tracks are on the south side on the flood plain.
MP 5.7Colebrook Siding
MP 6.0Colebrook Flag stop
MP 6.2End Colebrook siding
MP 6.27Junction GNR
MP 6.28Mud Bay Sidings (2)
MP 6.85End sidings
MP 7.2Junction GNR Line to Vancouver
MP 7.4Annacis Highway under pass
MP 9.6104 Street
MP 10.696 Street
MP 11.6588 Street
MP 12.780 Street
MP 13.5Inverholm Flag Stop
MP 13.772 Street
MP 13.9Junction Point Roberts Line
MP 15.25Highway 17
Protected Crossing
MP 16.2Arthur Drive
MP 16.2444 Avenue East
MP 16.844 Avenue West
MP 17.046A Street
MP 17.2Ladner Station
MP 17.5End of Line
Ferry Slip and Railway Wharves.
MP 177.1 Border Junction
The MP Zero is in Cloverdale. The line heads south on a grade just east of 176th. At about 30th Avenue the line swings east until at 24th Avenue it is east of 184 street. At 20th Avenue it swings sharply west and crosses 184 street at McMillan Avenue. The line then starts a long gentle curve back towards 176 street. It bisects the intersection of 8th Avenue and 176th Street. The line continues south-south west until it hits the border aiming just to the west of 8th street in Blaine.
US Border Branch
MP 0.0Border Junction
MP 2.8 32 Avenue Crossing.
MP 4.0Royal City Mills
Royal City Mills Spur.
MP 4.2 184 Street
MP 4.3524 Avenue
MP 5.0184 Street
MP 5.1Campbell River Logging
Junction with Campbell River Logging Railway.
MP 5.5Hazlemere
Flag Stop.
MP 5.816 Avenue
MP 6.3512 Avenue
MP 6.8176 Street & 8 Avenue
Protected Crossing.
MP 7.44 Avenue
MP 7.72 Avenue
MP 7.9Border
Junction with GNR
The route to Port Kells heads north on a grade just east of 176 street. At Fraser Highway the line swings north east and follows (is) Harvie Road. At 87 Avenue Harvie Road curves north around Port Kells until it is running north west. It continues north west until it joins the CNR mainline at 184 St.
MP 177.3 BC Electric Crossing
BC Electric Signals
MP 177.35 56 Avenue
Protected Crossing
MP 177.4 Cloverdale
MP 178.35 64 Avenue
MP 179.75 Fraser Highway
Protected Crossing
MP 180.7 80 Avenue
MP 182.1 88 Avenue
MP 182.6 Port Kells Flag Stop
MP 182.8 Highway 1 Under Pass
MP 183.9 Junction CNR Main Line to Vancouver
Former CNoR
- former VV&E Line - Former NWS Line.

The Vancouver Lines

The Merritt lines - The Coquihalla Line - The Shared Main - The Valley Lines

Mile Post Name
Notes. Unless otherwise noted, all roads have unprotected level crossings.
MP 183.9 Port Kells (CNR MP 108.9)
Junction with Canadian National Main Line
- ne CnoR, nee VV&E, neee NWSR Line
MP 185.7 Hampton (CNR MP 110.7)
MP 187.6 Douglas Island (CNR MP 112.6)
MP 188.8 Bungalow Wye (CNR MP 113.8)
MP 191.0 Thorton Yard (CNR MP 116.0)
MP 193.2 Fraser River Junction (CNR MP 118.2)
MP 193.3 Fraser River Bridge
MP 194.1 CP Junction (GNR)
MP 207.7 CN Junction (GNR)
MP 208.6 Vancouver Station (GNR)


For those of you unfamiliar with the history of the railways mentioned I have marked some passages with (Fiction) to indicate that they are fiction and (Historical) to indicate that they are historical fact.

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