UBC System 7 Napolenics Rules

These are the UBC System 7 Napoleonics Rules. They are developed from the Game Designers' Workshop System 7: Rules Booklet, Copyright 1978, Game Designers' Workshop. Changes and expansions Copyright 198x, 199x, 2000 Bill Dixon for the UBC Group. Modification, interpretation and expansion by the U.B.C. Group.

Until copyright issues are resolved, only the changes made by the UBC group will be listed in these pages.

Index to UBC System 7 Rules
Introduction 1: Game Scale 2: Units per Player 3: Playing Area 4: Dice
5: Set-up and Terrain 6: The Referee 7: Game Duration 8: Turn Sequence 9: Weather
10: Visibility 11: Orders 12: Movement 13: Stacking 14: Formations
15: Unit Cards 16: Casualties 17: Enfilade 18: Infantry Fire 19: Artillery Fire
20: Melee 21: Morale 22: Generals 23: Terrain Effects 24: Skirmishers
25: Spiking and Manning Guns 26: Prisoners 27: Night 28: National Characteristics
Appendix Updates and Changes Charts Tables Figures

Updates and Changes


Revision Status

Web Version - B1 - 2000/04/2

Code produced with WordPerfect 6.0a. Designed to be used with Netscape 4.6 or later. Not tested with MS IE.

Last Printed version -AY2 92/10/18

Many of the following notes refer to the printed versions used by our group in 198x-1992 but they do show many of the changes made since I started to produce the printed versions.

March - April 2000. Web version produced and posted. Due to copyright concerns, only the UBC Group changes are posted. When (if ever) the copyright issues are resolved, it is intended to post the complete rules with the changes marked in the text.

2000 First pass at web version. Discarded due to file name problems with WP6. Why use WP6 you ask. Because it lets me edit the HTML code without forcing me to do things the way an HTML editor thinks is right.


Added missing -2 to charge disordered. Added +1 impetus for following up in a melee. Generated.

Rule: As no consideration is being given to how long a unit has to be in view for another unit to fire at it, ANY unit visible during the fire phase is a valid target for fire. Section _____?

Ideas Cavalry Melees. The current rules have cavalry attacking as a blob, with a rank bonus given for extra ranks etc. They should attack by squadrons.

Suggested changes: