History of "TT-Tracks©" the Mini TT Modular System

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The (Short) history of "TT-Tracks©"

For some time N Scale modelers have been making small easily portable modules using Kato Unitrak. The US idea was inspired by Japanese mini modules.

As Tillig makes a similar Road-bed track system the thought occurred to several people: 'Why not do it in TT Scale?"

On Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:15 am the first posting on the TT Nut.com web site under the thread heading of: TT Trak was made by Bill Dixon(me):
On another topic we are working on module plans along the line of Ntrak and various other scales modules.

N scale has spawned a smaller module size (based on Japanese ideas) called T-Trak (SEE: T Trak. This uses Kato unitrack on small (a foot square or so) modules to make easily portable modules for those who can not handle a standard 2' x 4' module. Some quite large layouts have been made and displayed along side the larger Ntrak layouts.

Now that Tillig has a Unitrack style track available is there interest in developing a "TT-Trak" module specification?
I would call it "TT-Trak". Using the Tillig 'Bedding Track' I think that corners would be 19" square allowing for two mainlines using 310mm and 353mm curves. Side modules would be 19 1/2" wide (three lengths of 166mm straight track) by 12' deep.

This is not intended to replace the full sized module standards but to give and alternate choice for those who do not have room for full sized modules.

I have some ideas here: TTTrakBasicmodules. pdf
I have ordered up some bedding track and will play with the idea to see how it works.

Comments, thoughts, ideas, brickbats, bouquets?

Bill Dixon

Initially this met with little response but over the next month or two interest grew with several members ordering track to build a module.

As of March 14, 2011 the first module has yet to be built but it appears there is enough momentum to bring this system to fruition. Myself I have a train set and extra track on order. When these arrive I will be acquiring enough extra track to build a basic donut (four corners and four side modules).

As of March 14, 2011 the following members have been active in this thread and can be considered the founders of the "TT-Tracks©" modular system:

  • Bill Dixon Jan 18, 2011
  • ConducTTor
  • anotherTTnut
  • Arseny
  • railtwister
  • Marquette
  • Tom Dempsey
  • CSD
  • dileTTante
  • jpachl

As of April 2011 many things have happened. Modules are being constructed at opposite corners of the continent (Florida and British Columbia, Canada).
The name has been changed to TT-Tracks© to avoid confusion with another standard personally owned by an individual.
Some investigation is being done to see about securing a domain name for the TT-Tracks web site. Some thought is being given to officially securing the copyright on the "TT-Tracks©"name other than just the informal Copyright given by the use here on the web pages. If it does not cost too much this will be done.

Planning is underway for the first showing of TT-Tracks© in the Pacific Northwest at Trains 2011 in November 2011. There may be an informal setup before then to test things out.
The first showing of TT-Tracks© anywhere was at Trains 2011 in November 2011. As usual with something new Murphy was there but a good time was had in spite of his efforts.
This display showed that the smaller curves (BR1) are not compatible with US prototype equipment. As a result larger corners have been designed and a new set of 24" corners are being built.

2012 was a good year for TT-Tracks.
There was a full display at Western Rails in March. Single modules were shown at the Quesnel and Nanaimo shows. There was a full display at the PGE/BCR/BC Rail Convention in Squamish. Due to various circumstances there was no display at Trains 2012 but the Pacific North West TT- Scale Modellers did put on a good display.
Two resin car models debut this year, a ribbed side two-bay hopper and an offest-side two-bay hopper.

2013 started with a full display at Western Rails on March 17, 2013 at the Cameron Community Centre in Burnaby, BC.
The tt-tracks.org domain name was registered.
Three new resin cars debut in 2013; a 40' wood reefer, a Dominion wood box car and a Dominion stock car.
There was a full display at Chilliwack in October and at Trains 2013 in November.

2014 started with a full display at Western Rails in March at the Cameron Community Centre in Burnaby, BC.
In July 2014 the first discussions about TT-Free-mo were started. In August the first TT-Free-mo information was added to these web pages.
By 2018 we have displayed at two NMRA Nationals (Portland and Indianapolis) and are planning to go to Salt Lake City in 2019.
The construction of end loops has allowed us to break out of the closed circle display.
#6 turnouts are being introduced to replce the Bedding track 15 degree turnouts.
New equipment is slowly becoming available. The future is bright.

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