Ideas for "TT-Tracks©" the Mini TT Modular System

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Here will go ideas to on making modules

  • Foam modules

    This idea has worked well.

  • Foam board modules
  • Doors
  • other ??

Larger Corners

Two foot corners are now the standard corner size for my TT-Tracks Display.

Name tags

Sometimes we will need name tags to identify us at events. Here is a suggested format. The second name tag is filled out for Trains 2011.

TT Tracks name tags

Make TT accessories or structures or adapting other scale items to TT to work on these small modules

Here are two converted N-Scale items. The blue item is a Kato N-Scale rerailer split and widened to TT Gauge. The black item on the front left is an Atlas N-Scale girder bridge split and widened to TT gauge. The girders are a bit low but it will do for a light duty bridge.

Miscellaneous TT items.

Turn Back Loops

Right now the trains just run around and around and around, . . .

Plan for an end loop using minimal special modules.

Note that the geometry of the track connecting the inner loop is suspect and subject to change when I have actual track pieces in hand.

You could combine two of the modules into one piece as shown in this loop to loop plan. This is really a single track loop to loop layout with a long single track outside of most it.

The end loop could be extended in length with straight modules.

Multiple end loop modules can be accommodated (in pairs) in one layout.

Non 90 degree corners

Any angle in 15 degree increments will be easy.



Weathering Track.

Floquil paint pens (if you can get them) work well for weathering the sides of the rails.

What ballast to use to on non roadbed track to match roadbed track.
Plans showing how to integrate TT Track modules in a regular TT Scale Modular Display.
Plans on how to integrate other TT track systems with the Tillig Road bed track

The Tillig Road bed track is 0.320" high from the top of the rail to the bottom of the base. Standard Tillig Track appears to be 0.162" high. That is a difference of 0.158" or about 4mm. HO cork roadbed is 5mm thick so that will not do. I have determined that N Scale cork and .040" styrene works out.

Thoughts on connecting tracks that don't cross boundaries at 90 degrees.

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Equipment Modules Resin Cars Events To be determined 2

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