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Organizational Structure

The Institute is an artist- run non-profit organization directed by founding artistic director, Andreas Kahre together with a rotating group of associates who act as curators, researchers, and consultants, in collaborative relationships with artists, volunteers, and the community.


CIGA offers shares to anyone interested in supporting  our activities. Shares are $10/each, up to a maximum of 10 per person, and entitle the shareholder to receive advance invitations and discounts on events and publications. To become a shareholder, please send an email Indicating the numbe of shares you would like and , or use the PayPal link:




The Institute's budget and financial operations are open to public viewing at all times, in the form of an open Google document. in order to see GICA's current financial position, please follow this link: TUvzNqUkZ02Ln_01Q8Vrg&hl=en#


Established in 2010 on an island in the Salish Sea, GICA's mandate is to support the exploration and presentation of interdisciplinary artistic practices, in poetic engagement with nature, community, and critical discourse.


GICA's mission is to create a framework for experimentation with and discussion of the overlapping political, scientific, and artistic paradigms that shape a small community, and to strenghten the role artists play in defining these relationships,

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Since 2012 the Institute has been housed on 2035 Ferne Road on Gabriola Island, in a charming heritage cottage it shares with the archive of Centre B. For events, residencies, and information about upcoming events, please join our mainling list. We look forward to the conversation!


2035 Ferne Road, Gabriola Island, BC, V0R 1X2
Tel. 604.785.2264, email:
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