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Much of Contemporary Art Practice now takes place in virtual or hybrid space, and while Gabriola is known for its material art practices, there is a growing body of contemporary work that exists partly or exclusively in a digital format. For those who would like to collect work in this format and display their collection, GICA offers help.

We provide friendly, competent consultation about all aspects of contemporary practice and critical theory, and will help create a collection that suits your interests, in a variety of digital formats, or physical form. We also offer your GICA collection in  handsome high-resolution digital frame. Price may vary according to viewer size.

We are also very pleased to announce the new GICA Mobile Collection App, which will be available to the public as of June 2013 and proves that sometimes you actually can take it with you!




Are you interested in starting a collection of modern art, but don't know where to begin? GICA can create a portfolio, of any size, in any mix of media, for any budget, that reflects your interests. GICA also offers your personal collection in digital form online, on a dedicated USB stick, or in a high quality mobile viewer. For please email


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