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Participation in the Institue is free and includes invitations to all events and activities. To be notified, please e-mail


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October 2010: Saturday, October 9, 7pm


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1295 Harrison Way, Gabriola Island, BC, V0R 1X2
Tel. 604.785.2264, email:

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Funders and Sponsors
Currently, the Institute is funded independently, by individual donation. Individual projects may be funded separately. Current Sponsors and affiliated oprganizations include the Xenographic Society, Lulu Performing Arts, and Centre B.

The Institute provides members with consultants services and will create a customized collection (avaialble with an optional viewer) that matches your preferences. To find out more, please e-mail:

The Gabriola Institute of Contemporary Art invites artists , members and the community to participate in our monthly curatorial dinner series. ($10 Contribution)

Curator's Dinner Series